Waste Stories 3/9/2014



1. Seminar on September 25 (Bywaters: recycling made easy Bywaters)

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group will be hosting a seminar focusing on treatment technologies and recovering value from healthcare waste, on Thursday September 25.

It will be held at the Bywaters’ recycling facility, in East London. The morning session will be dedicated to presentations from a range of speakers. While in the afternoon, delegates will have the opportunity to tour the facility.

The event is being sponsored by Frontier Medical Group, MITIE, Sharpsmart and Bywaters. Additional sponsors include GV Health, SRCL, Econix and Independent Safety Services Ltd.

Registration forms and booking details, including early bird discounts are available at the link below. When you book, can you let us know: (1) if you would like to do the site tour in the afternoon, (2) if you require a car parking space and (3) if you have any disability requirements?

 Online registration form for the seminar

2.Concern about 2020 waste treatment capacity gap

More waste infrastructure will be needed by 2020 or risk a capacity gap, according to respondents of an opinion poll, the majority of which agreed with a recent Green Investment Bank (GIB) report, setting out the investment opportunity in the UK waste market.

The recent GIB report, The UK residual waste market: A market report by the UK Green Investment Bank, stressed more waste infrastructure will be needed in the UK by 2020 or risk a capacity gap.

Read the story here: worry about 2020 waste treatment capacity gap

3.Energy investment report

The report shows the significant progress made against the energy investment challenge inherited in 2010 where energy projects accounted for nearly 60% of the UK National Infrastructure Plan (£218bn out of the £377bn).

Since 2010, investment worth more than £45 billion has been secured in electricity infrastructure alone – the majority of this investment has been in renewable technologies..

Read the report here: energy investment report

4.Energy efficiency in hospitals

Read the report here: Carbon Trust energy efficiency in hospitals report

5.National Institutes of Health’ waste disposal guide

Read the guide here: Waste disposal guide

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