Waste Stories 28/8/2014



1. Seminar on September 25 (SRCL:specialising in protecting people and reducing risk SRCL)

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group will be hosting a seminar focusing on treatment technologies and recovering value from healthcare waste, on Thursday September 25.

It will be held at the Bywaters’ recycling facility, in East London. The morning session will be dedicated to presentations from a range of speakers. While in the afternoon, delegates will have the opportunity to tour the facility.

The event is being sponsored by Frontier Medical Group, MITIE, Sharpsmart and Bywaters. Additional sponsors include GV Health, SRCL, Econix and Independent Safety Services Ltd.

Registration forms and booking details, including early bird discounts are available at the link below. When you book, can you let us know: (1) if you would like to do the site tour in the afternoon, (2) if you require a car parking space and (3) if you have any disability requirements?

Online registration form for the seminar

2. The NHS and the Circular economy

Circular economy principles help NHS meet cost and environmental targets. Three sustainability and waste experts on what the healthcare system can gain from circular economy principles.

Read more here: NHS and the circular economy

3. Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is making £20 million available to support projects that deliver lasting reductions in electricity demand through the Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) Pilot.
The aim of the Pilot is to test whether EDR could participate in Great Britain’s capacity market. Under the Pilot, businesses and organisations which install measures that deliver verifiable reductions in electricity demand will be able to bid for a financial incentive.A total of £20 million will be made available to support the EDR Pilot over the two years it will run. The first EDR Pilot auction is for a total of £10 million and is being held in January 2015…..
4. HMRC consultation on Landfill Tax
The Government announced in Budget 2014 that it will introduce a ‘loss on ignition’ test by April 2015. The lower rate of landfill tax will apply where fines meet an LOI threshold of 10% or less. This consultation sets out a proposal for how the testing regime will operate, including processes for the testing of samples and record-keeping requirements. The consultation will be of particular interest to operators of landfill sites and mechanical treatment plants and other waste industry interests including representative bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
5. Collection frequency and health risks
Zero Waste Scotland has published the findings of a study looking at the potential risk to human health linked to reduced frequency collections of non-recyclable waste. In 2012/13 the Scottish Waste Management Officers Network approached Zero Waste Scotland to request support to appraise options for extended frequency non-recyclable waste collections from householders.
6. Energy efficiency and Newham University Hospital

E.ON have begun working with Newham University Hospital in East London to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The project is amongst the very first of the London Development Agency’s (LDA) RE:FIT programme which aims to reduce the capital’s carbon emissions by updating public buildings with the most effective energy saving measures.

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