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Haiku Deck is free app for the ipad that I was intrigued to explore to see if it would be suitable for use with children and to find out exactly what it has to offer. Here is the production of my initial exploration:

I love the fact that it is extremely simple to use but allowing you to customize your project by altering themes, text formats, backgrounds and layouts. Images can be imported from the web or from your gallery/camera roll, charts and graphs can be created and notes can be made public or private. The only drawback I found was that imported images are automatically used as backgrounds; you cannot insert smaller pictures to accompany parts of the text. However, I would still use this app in the classroom and will now attempt to create a resource suitable for EYFS/KS1.

Firstly, I chose a theme for my book – Pirates. I collected a selection of lego characters, jewels and skulls as I believe these relate to young children’s interests, especially boys. Using the ipad I took photographs of one set of objects (Lego characters) and put this image onto a page in the app along with some accompanying text. Then, I added another page on the app and inserted a second image containing the Lego characters and some jewels along with further text. The third page contained a third group of objects; skulls, mixed amongst the Lego characters and jewels along with some more text. You can add as many pages as you like!

Thinking about it, this would actually be a lovely way of producing a Learning Journey for each child in the class as you can keep updating it as often as required.

Using Haiku Deck¬†to create an ‘I Spy’ ebook on an iPad was an enjoyable activity; it can be used to create resources for use with children, or could even be used by children for them to produce their own work. Children will benefit from such a creation as it encourages visual discrimination and aids counting skills, however, this app could be used to create an eBook or slide show about any topic – the content is easy to add! This app would be ideal to use with the children as it is really simple to use and they could create books about the topic they are currently learning about, or to summarise a topic which would provide excellent summative assessment evidence.

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Hello, I'm Hayley. I'm a student teacher, in my final year and I can't wait to get my own class to try all these creative ideas out. Please feel free to share your thoughts and further ideas :)

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog about using Haiku Deck, I like the simplicity of the software and the fact you can import your own images. Using it as a learning journey for children is a great idea.

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