Reflections on ‘Animated Story’ Applications

Firstly, we used iMovie to create a trailer for The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. Our first impression of this application was ‘It looks amazing!’ There are a choice of templates for trailers, catchy music and a variety of landscapes. However, we soon found that it was quite limiting with regards to being able to only use basic photo’s to create short video that could not be edited; for example, we wanted to fade pictures in/out and rotate them but this was not possible. Also, you had to use the music provided – you could not import your own.

Having finished this in our first lesson and having one more to go, we were keen to try out another application to make an animated story. We were much more impressed with PuppetPals.

To hear further details about our experience using these applications, please watch our short presentation:

All of the groups in our class presented their work which allowed us all to see what other media was capable of. It was good practice to ask peers for feedback as this is a good approach to use with children in the classroom – ask them to think of 2 stars and a wish.

Overall, our animated story was enjoyed by the class. The ‘wish’ was related to iMovie; the text was too small, and unfortunately cannot be altered in this application.

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