Puppet Pals – The Enormous Crocodile

This was such an enjoyable session…. I LOVED using PuppetPals on the iPad! This application allows you to create an animated story and record yourself telling the story.

I worked in a group of three, we decided to use The Enormous Crocodile story to animate using PuppetPals on an iPad. This app allows you to have up to eight characters and five scenes; all of which you can create yourself.

We used the camera on the iPad to take photographs for relevant scenes of the story e.g. a muddy brown river. We also took photographs of animal puppets for the characters in the story. We liked the contrast between realistic scenes and puppet characters.

PuppetPals was very user friendly right from the start; allowing you create your own characters and select the ones you wish to use.

Next, we decided on the script; a shorter version of the story and jotted this down. We had a narrative to accompany each scene, using all of the characters. All of us had a part to play  including introducing the story, narrating and operating the iPad; selecting scenes and moving characters. It was great to be able to move the characters in so many ways, including: rotating, flipping, shrinking, enlarging and moving them wherever by simply dragging them!

Here is our animated The Enormous Crocodile, enjoy!

Using stories with children is proven to enhance their imagination and vocabulary. The can also teach children morals and develop their understanding. Creating animated stories with children will help them to learn the structure of a story and to sequence events in order. Using technology to tell/retell stories actively involves the children and motivates them as they have control over the end product.

Alternative Technology suitable for use with children:

    • Night Zoo Keeper – available on the internet and on iPads
    • Morpho
    • Voicethread – available on the internet and on iPads. Children can record their voice telling a story.
    • Explain Everything – lots of options available.
    • Communication4All/Story Maker – Powerpoint
    • Smart NoteBook
    • Collins Big Cat – app – make characters/scenes and these can be exported to use in other apps
    • Play Art – Scenes in styles of famous artists
    • Fairytale Travel Company
    • Clickr6 – SEN


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