Manipulating Media

This taught session opened my eyes to a whole new range of media suitable for use with children. It is important to have a range of technology for children to access within their classroom for them explore and develop their skills. They can take pictures of their work  using cameras and iPads, the children can  be recorded telling you something that they have learnt which consolidates their learning, they can take ownership of creating electronic work or recording themselves working – this provides better evidence of learning compared to written or photographic, especially for EYFS children.

  • Purple Mash – Mashcam. This allows children to put themselves in the role of a different character using a webcam or photograph, great for topic work!

This is aimed at children in the FS and KS1 to enable them to make talking stories. It allows you to combine words, pictures that can spin, rock, explode and more, sounds via the using the built-in keyboard, sound banks or a  microphone and animation in a storybook format which will support Literacy and ICT skills.  Click here to see a short demonstration!

    • iMovie
    • Pinterest which has many apps suitable for EYFS, such as: I can animate
    • Videoscribe
    • Puppetpals

  • Explain everything
  • Strip designer – creates comic strips
  • 2DIY
  • Story Jumper/Story Bird

I worked alongside my peers, Jenn and Rachael, to create a trailer for The Enormous Crocodile book. We chose this software as we were very impressed by first impressions; there were a good choice of templates to create the trailer which included catch music and various landscapes.


When we began to create the trailer we felt the options were in fact quite limited. We could only add basic photo’s and short videos which could not even be edited e.g. we wanted to fade pictures in/out and spin them around to add effect but none of this was achievable. We could not add our own music either.

Another problem we encountered was that we had to complete our work in that session, or start again next week. This was due to the iPads being used by other classes and potentially having our work deleted. If it was a personal iPad we would have been fine but in this instance we had to rush to finish it.

Anyway, we plan to experiment with other options next session, but for now… here is the finished article:

I came across Dvolver MovieMaker which enables students to create their own short animated films by choosing characters, adding dialogue and music. It’s very easy to use so children can get results without being taught how to use the programme; it could be left for children to explore by themselves. Here is a short movie that took me about 10minutes to pull together – and I had no experience using Dvolver MovieMaker:

You just follow some simple steps, selecting a background, plot, characters, giving the characters some lines and choosing background music:

Although dVolver was easy to use it does look like something from the 90’s; not very appealing in my eyes. I will certainly be exploring alternative movie makers!

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