Inspirational ideas for ICT in the classroom

I’m trying to think of all the ICT equipment I have ever encountered in classroom, as a student myself and whilst working in primary schools. Powerpoint presentations spring to mind the most (as an adult learner) and Interactive Whiteboards are probably what I have seen most frequently used with children along with digital cameras, PC’s for word processing, games and research, video recording children’s performances and using floor robots.

This short video – only 1:15mins long – is an excellent summary of how rapidly ICT is evolving in the classroom, and it’s us, as teachers, who have to keep up!

ICT in the Early Years shows a lovely video of how ICT can be integrated into the EYFS. The children are encouraged to independently access IT equipment e.g. digital cameras, the children all have their own floppy disk (which can be identified by the child’s photograph on the front) so they can download the photo’s they take, and print them. ICT is also used as much as possible in the role play area e.g. a hospital will have a laptop, a light box to use as an x-ray machine and a telephone. This site offers a range of resources and planning materials – it’s well worth a look!
I came across the Hot Potatoes suite which enables you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for use with children. It is free and can be adapted to suit any project.

Good use of ICT not only enhances experience for students, but the outcomes they generate too.” – Mark Anderson

Peers can be the best teachers, because they’re the ones that remember what it’s like to not understand.” Peter Norvig. His video is really interesting and you can relate to it… I found myself nodding in agreement to my laptop! Worth watching:

This video shares 5 ways in which ICT can be used within the classroom:

‘Building’ a PC with Year 5 – Chris Leach. This idea involving the children ‘becoming’ the components of a computer is a super idea, the active learning will certainly help them to remember the different components of a PC. This ICT lesson was taught through the use of freeze framing, much more fun than a worksheet!

NAACE offer workshops for Teachers, Subject Leaders etc to help plan for “full integration of ICT into all aspects of school life”. They are a professional association concerned with improving education through ICT.


This first session has opened my eyes to actually how much ICT is actually involved  in schools; until now, I was only aware of the basics. Having divulged into the ‘Browsing and Reading section’ for session 1 I am more aware of how ICT is, and can be, used in the primary school. I am keen to continue researching resources to use in the classroom whilst enhancing my personal ICT skills at the same time. I have also ordered ‘The Really Useful Book of ICT in the Early Years’ by Harriet Price.