Downloading videos for use in IWB software and presentations

So: we all know that Youtube is a valuable resource for video materials but not everyone is aware that it is blocked in many schools. even in situations were it is not blocked the links and pop ups may not be suitable for school and when download speeds are poor the quality may be reduced.

One tool that may be useful is KeepVid which allows users to download video (and Audio) from an array of different sources including YouTube.


The trick is to avoid clicking on the big green DOWNLOAD NOW boxes and to follow the links.


FLV files are good with SmartNotes

MP4 files are good with Windows Media Player

MP3 files are Audio only


As an aside a great video player for all file types is VLC





Getting Started with Smart Notes

The following is a list of basic IWB skills that you should have in place before starting in school. We will cover these in the session and ‘How to’ Guides will be made if necessary.

1)Calibration of the Whiteboard

2)Using the IWB with the Internet

3)Loading Notebook software

4)Recording handwritten notes

5)Creating sorting/drag and drop activities

6)Using tools – camera, blind etc

7)Using the Gallery

8)Finding and embedding video

9)Importing Powerpoints and exporting Smart Notes

10) Visualiser