Sharing your Blog with the world (or at least your group)

So – during your ICT session you will have managed to get your blog up and running. Having managed this some people during the session asked how they could share this with other people, in fact some people tried to do this only to find that others weren’t able to view it because they weren’t subscribed.

So in order to make your blog public you need to (in dashboard view) go to the settings button on the left hand side, and hover across to the privacy option.










After selecting Privacy option you should select the options as below to make public.











Please note that you can actually select either of the top two options but without selecting one of these you are forced into some form of restricted access – ie your blog will not be public.


This means that your blog can now be seen by the rest of the world but only if they can find it! You may want to tweet a link to your followers or #UNSoE but another way of making it clear to the rest of the group is to go to the PGCE blog and then chose your group from the drop down menu.










If you now select the Edit tab from the top of the screen you can type the title of your blog and hyperlink it with the ‘chain icon’ to your blog.

















On line at last!

This morning has been a battle with the blog but thanks to Rob Farmer and IT Services I am online with a new password and all conflicts resolved. The first group of the day are setting up their blogs and are looking at their personal digital footprints. They are also up and running with Twitter and tagging things with #UNSoE

I will also aim to link to relevant material such as the university homepage.