Project report

Final Report (For projects funded by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement and Innovation Fund 2018-19)     Key contact details Author(s): Emma Whewell Job title(s): Senior Lecturer Faculty: FEH Email(s): Date submitted: 30.6.19   Project title Future Focused Teachers   Project aims and objectives Please use the table below to provide information on the … Continue reading Project report

Our course conference Our final session in the FFT course id dedicated to returning to one of the core issues in the programme. Reflecting on well-being.  It also introduces the most exciting part which is a two day conference held at UoN. The site details the programme. We have a number of Alumni contributing. Keynote Speakers Sandy … Continue reading Our course conference

The removal of G+ communities So this month has been a tricky one. We have faced significant technical challenges. Google in its Wisdom have removed all G+ Communities. This included our community where we communicated with the group.  We used a mew platform called Mewe which has not proved as accessible to use as we hoped.  

Emotional Resilience and Identity Survey

When our students joined us on the online course they were asked to complete a survey on their emotional resilience and teacher identity.  Recent research suggests that the  challenges faced moving from training to teaching are often ‘far removed from those they encountered in their teacher preparation experiences’ (Able et al., 2018, p.2). Teaching in … Continue reading Emotional Resilience and Identity Survey

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone.

We are slowly building our community on Google+ we have members joining us and introducing themselves. Some of them have even done the first activity. So the responses are really lovely to see.

We have data coming in from the initial data collection which is on Emotional Resilience and Teacher Identity.

A quick look at the data so far suggests that 75% of the people who have completed the survey have not done an online course before. We hope that they are developing the ABL skills we have embedded in the activities we have designed.

We have not recruited as many participants as we might have hoped and perhaps this is indicative of the busy role of a teacher. To try and encourage recruitment we have emailed all the people who initially expressed an interest but may not have enrolled. We have Duncan who is working with our partnership schools and Headteachers to encourage uptake. We are also taking to social media this week to offer this opportunity more widely.

Fingers crossed.