Session 3: Digital Images and Animation: Skills and Techniques

During this session we explored stop motion animation techniques using cameras, music, backgrounds and props such as lego and playmobile along with MonkeyJam animation software. We were given a brief introduction to the software and were then left to experiment with it and explore its features. After setting up a web cam with which you can take your pictures, the idea is to take a series of photos, slighty moving the characters in each, so that they look to be moving when you run the photos together. Continue reading Session 3: Digital Images and Animation: Skills and Techniques

Session 2: Browsing and Reading

 Alongside familiarising myself with the features of my blog, after our second session I also spent sometime reading from the lists suggested in our previous sessions. I found The Little Book of Superb ICT to enhance Teaching and Learning in the Classroom to be a brilliant resource as it lists a vast array of websites and programs that can be used by both teachers and students.

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Session 2: IWB Classroom Resource

This was a interactive workshop style session that allowed us to gain experience in using IWB’s. In small groups we were encouraged to explore the features of the Smart Board in our classroom. Within these groups we first learnt how to recalibrate the Interactive Whiteboards and were then given the opportunity to use the visualizer and to experiment with the different features of the Smart board such as the writing styles, fonts and colours that are available.

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Session 1: The Very First Post…

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Frankie Kinski. I’m a first year student at Northampton Uni studying Primary Education and this is my very first blog post!

I suppose I should start with my experiences of ICT in school- I don’t really remember much at all from Primary School other than doing a bit of research on certain topics and playing on paint. I’m sure this is very different to the ICT experiences of primary school children today who are surrounded by technology and gadgets such as iPads! Continue reading Session 1: The Very First Post…