Session 7: Browsing and Reading

After reading about the ways in which the Angry Birds game can be used to support learning in Maths last week I decided to spend some time this week looking at how games can be used to teach other subjects. After browsing through our suggested list of links I came across this blog post by MrAndrewsOnline on the subject of using gaming to improve boys’ writing.

The post describes his experiences of using an iPad gaming app called Bike Baron and the effect that it had on both his pupil’s motivation and the standard of writing that they were able to produce Continue reading Session 7: Browsing and Reading

Session 6: Browsing and Reading

During my weekly browsing and reading session I came across the Futurelab website that allows you to download a “Computer Games and Learning Handbook” that is aimed at teachers and those wishing to use games for educational purposes. The handbook itself is a really useful guide for using computer games within the classroom with chapters on the theory behind using games as a medium for learning and the pedagogy of games alongside interesting case studies and practical suggestions. Continue reading Session 6: Browsing and Reading