Session 7: Browsing and Reading

After reading about the ways in which the Angry Birds game can be used to support learning in Maths last week I decided to spend some time this week looking at how games can be used to teach other subjects. After browsing through our suggested list of links I came across this blog post by MrAndrewsOnline on the subject of using gaming to improve boys’ writing.

The post describes his experiences of using an iPad gaming app called Bike Baron and the effect that it had on both his pupil’s motivation and the standard of writing that they were able to produce. During the 3 week Bike Baron project, the children were introduced to a different writing style i.e. descriptive, persuasive, instructive etc… in each session and then spent some time playing Bike Baron. After this they were tasked with using their knowledge and understanding of the game as a basis for their writing. Mr Andrews found that using the app not only increased the level of his pupil’s engagement and the standard of what was written but also the pace at which his pupils were able to write.

This project is another good example of the ways in which new technologies such as iPads can be used to support and enhance learning in Primary schools and despite the fact that this particular project was primarily focused on improving boys’ writing I feel that the approach could easily be adapted/expanded to support girl’s writing as well.

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Top Image Attribution: By CoD_fsfe and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons 0 1.0 License.


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