Session 6: Browsing and Reading

During my weekly browsing and reading session I came across the Futurelab website that allows you to download a “Computer Games and Learning Handbook” that is aimed at teachers and those wishing to use games for educational purposes. The handbook itself is a really useful guide for using computer games within the classroom with chapters on the theory behind using games as a medium for learning and the pedagogy of games alongside interesting case studies and practical suggestions. I encourage you all to take a look as it really is a great resource, especially as it’s completely free to download- I’m sure that I’ll be referring to it in the future!

I also spent some time listening to a podcast on the use of the Angry Birds game in a Key Stage 1 aged class in Australia. The children in the class used the game to learn about different aspects of maths, counting the numbers of pigs and birds on each level and then comparing the two to learn about ratios. The children were also introduced to the key terminology associated with measuring through the game by using the IWB and some string to measure the distances between the pigs and the birds. I thought that this approach to teaching Maths was really innovative and would be an excellent way to excite and engage reluctant and disinterested pupils in particular. In addition to this, it has also really opened my eyes to the ways in which games can be used to enhance learning across the curriculum.

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