Session 5: Browsing and Reading

Just a short post this evening. Whilst browsing some suggested links I came across this website that offers some really handy hints and tips on how to incorporate infographics into the classroom. Through the same website I also discovered another useful online infographic tool; The basic design of this tool is very similar to the piktochart tool however it has a far wider selection of pre defined templates to choose from which in my opinion makes it slightly more versatile than its counterpart!

Bye for now…

Top Image Attribution: By CoD_fsfe and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons 0 1.0 License.


3 thoughts on “Session 5: Browsing and Reading”

  1. This is growing into a super blog Frankie! I’m pleased to see that you have worked out how to customise your column. You have written some perceptive and readable posts. I agree is it difficult to choose between Piktochart, and for making infographics. What does everyone else think?

  2. I still think Piktochart has the best free templates and is the easiest to use, and there are some fantastic themes if you upgrade – but $29.99pm is quite expensive! I agree with Helen Frankie – Great blog!!!!

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