Session 4: Browsing and Reading: iPads to improve writing

 This evening I took a look at a blog post by Mr G Online that was mentioned in the suggested reading list for yesterday’s session. It was a really interesting read about the ways in which iPads can be used to improve all stages of the writing process, which I thought was a really different view point as often children’s reliance on the spellchecking tools found on such gadgets is blamed for falling standards in spelling and grammar. I particularly like the look of the two storyboard apps that are mentioned; Comic Life and Strip DesignerI definitely agree with the blog’s writer view that such apps could be used within schools as planning tools to both encourage and improve writing especially in students who are reluctant writers. The only down side is that unfortunately neither app is free!

Bye for now….

Top Image Attribution: By CoD_fsfe and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons 0 1.0 License.

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