Session 1: The Very First Post…

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Frankie Kinski. I’m a first year student at Northampton Uni studying Primary Education and this is my very first blog post!

I suppose I should start with my experiences of ICT in school- I don’t really remember much at all from Primary School other than doing a bit of research on certain topics and playing on paint. I’m sure this is very different to the ICT experiences of primary school children today who are surrounded by technology and gadgets such as iPads!

During Secondary School I spent all of my year nine ICT lessons completing the European Computer Driving License- from what I can remember this was actually quite fun and definitely very useful as I learnt a lot about working with various Microsoft Office programs.

By Sixth Form I had dropped ICT as a subject but with the introduction of Interactive Whiteboards many of my teachers were beginning to use ICT to enhance learning within my chosen A level subjects; Geography, Economics, Biology and English Literature.

Nowadays I use ICT mainly for email and leisure as well as to research and word process Uni assignments!

Alongside using the internet as a tool for researching assignments, as a trainee teacher I also find the internet a valuable teaching resource and often visit websites such as TES, which can be accessed by following the link below, to locate both background info on topics and resources to use within the classroom.

The ability to use ICT is becoming an ever more important life skill in the 21st century and as teachers we play a crucial role in ensuring that the children we teach are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding that are required for them to use ICT effectively in our modern society.

Im definitely a beginner when it comes to blogging but I’m very eager to learn so I really hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Bye for now…

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