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March 2016

The UN group made and manipulated images in art.

March 2016

The FDLT Y1 UN students explore ice in science!


June 8th FDLT Y1 at Newton Field Centre

Processed with Moldiv Processed with Moldiv Processed with Moldiv

March 16th Y1 Exploring art physically and digitally

2015-03-16 14.50.44 2015-03-16 14.50.30 2015-03-16 14.49.40 2015-03-16 14.49.09 2015-03-16 14.49.00 2015-03-16 14.48.13 2015-03-16 14.48.06 2015-03-16 14.47.58 2015-03-16 14.47.34 2015-03-16 14.47.21 2015-03-16 14.47.02 2015-03-16 14.46.40 2015-03-16 14.46.23 2015-03-16 14.45.39 2015-03-16 14.45.35 2015-03-16 14.44.27 2015-03-16 15.05.02


March 4th Y2 exploring creativity in learning

The students in the Y2 UN group explored definitions of creativity by making something to share with us that could explain and define ‘creativity’.

2015-03-04 14.28.07 2015-03-04 14.25.23 2015-03-04 14.20.41 2015-03-04 14.19.08 2015-03-04 14.11.50 2015-03-04 13.59.06 2015-03-04 13.58.43



On Wednesday June 4th The UN Y1 group went to Newton Field Centre to explore the curriculum in the outdoors.

going to the river

going to the river

Although it was a wet day we all went off to the river with the measuring equipment. The river was higher and more fast flowing than when I visited on Monday! We measured the river profile, timed the flow in different parts and collected a kick sample so that we could go back and investigate the invertebrates back in the dry.

in the river

in the river


When we returned to the centre the group took a closer look at what they had collected by sorting by number of legs.

investigating invertebrates

investigating invertebrates

We also looked more closely using the microscopes, the IPad app, BigMagnifiy and the visualiser. Georgina explained what the sample can tell us about the health of the river.

wellies were necessary on Wednesday!

wellies were necessary on Wednesday!

After lunch the rain stopped for a while and we were able to go out for a walk, to take photos and look around the medieval remains of the Tresham estate.

The group were interested in the Dovecote – we had a shock when a sheep burst out of the door though! Inside the dovecote there is room for hundreds of doves to nest and a wonderfully constructed ceiling. What a shame this building is being allowed to deteriorate!

the dovecote

the dovecote





2014-06-04 22.08.162014-06-04 22.06.532014-06-04 22.07.112014-06-04 22.07.382014-06-04 22.08.342014-06-04 22.09.132014-06-04 22.09.312014-06-04 22.04.062014-06-04 22.00.07

2014-06-04 22.04.01When we got back the group each chose three of their photos to caption using the app VisualPoet.

Here they are:





















The group also made and printed collage tiles based on the shapes and textures of the stones used the build the church.






wall made from printed collage tiles

wall made from printed collage tilesAfter this the group made and printed collage tiles based on the shapes and textures of the stones the church is built from.

2014-06-04 13.17.02-1

Despite the rain the group joined in everything and had a good day.

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