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September 1, 2014
by Jean

The Educators – Tony Little

On Wednesday 27th August Sarah Montague interviewed Tony Little on ‘The Educators’ on Radio 4. The programme is available on i-player and I will add it to Box of Broadcasts.

Tony LittleAs you can see from the programme blurb (left) Tony Little is the Headmaster of Eton College, a school unlike the schools most of us have or currently work at. What do you think about his views and ideas?

Earlier this month his views on the the approach to exams in England led to some media articles including this one in The Guardian newspaper – Exam system unimaginative

The letter that is referred to in the article is one that the Headteacher of Barrowfield primary sent to the pupils and parents of Year 6 in July. This is discussed in more depth in these two posts by Richard Rose:

Thank you for a letter of appreciation

Let not the facts get in the way of a good story

Perhaps your role relates to tests and exams directly or perhaps you have experience of tests and exams personally or wioth a family member. What are your thoughts?

The programme is supported by this link to the Open University website – OU The Educators

January 18, 2014
by Jean
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Richard Rose in Bangalore

Richard Rose, Professor of Inclusive Education and Director of the Centre for Education and Research (CESNER) at the University of Northampton, has begun writing a blog. At present he is teaching in Bangalore in India.


Richard is working with teachers on the University’s MA in Special and Inclusive Education. You can see the Facebook page for the course here – MA Special and Inclusive Education, Bangalore, India

He arrived only a few days ago and his post from today discusses working with teachers to create a format for Individual Education Plans, principles for implementation and a process for evaluation. Yesterday he shared with us the RTE – Right to Education Act – and the implications for schools and education.

If you are working to support pupils you’ll find his posts of interest, inspiring you to reflect upon the similarities and differences and the challenges we have in common. You can subscribe to his blog here – Richard Rose Bangalore