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September 27, 2013
by Jean

The effect of free school meals on learning

Last week you probably heard talk about research relating to the effect of free school meals on learning alongside Nick Clegg’s announcement of free school meals for infants in English schools in the future.

On the BBC Radio 4 programme More or Less, broadcast last week, Tim Harford explored this research more fully and discussed it with one of the researchers. As a university student working in education this is interesting for you to listen to as it will help you consider the media coverage last week more analytically. The discussion starts at the beginning of the programme and continues for about 8 minutes. I have also saved it to Box of Broadcasts and you can look it up using ‘More or Less’ and September 20th.

You should also read the original research and compare this to what you heard and read last week.

The report is available here

What is your experience of school lunches and eating at school? How do think it relates to learning?