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September 5, 2013
by Jean

The future for language teaching?

This week there is an interesting article on the Education Guardian website by Louise Tickle entitled ‘What does the future hold for primary languages?’

You can read it here: What does the future hold for primary languages?

As you read it try and analyse it critically identifying key questions that spring to mind about the points the author makes and evidence on which it is based.

As a university student you can read this media article critically and identify interesting issues to pursue through academic literature. An example in relation this article is to go and find this academic journal article:

Cable, C., Driscoll, P., Mitchell, R., Sing, S., Cremin, T., Earl, J., Eyres, I., Holmes, B., Martin, C., Heins, B. (2012) Language learning at Key Stage 2: findings from a longitudinal study Education 3-13. Vol.40(4), p.363-378.

There are some interesting links with Tickle’s article, in relation to teaching languages. Some of you may be supporting and teaching modern foreign languages in your role and may find some useful resources and ideas here.