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FDLT Year 1 visit to Green Park 2/6/15

Processed with MoldivThe session was led by Julie and the first part focused on how to get attention of the children outside such as closing your eyes and counting to five whilst the children got into a circle, asking the children to get into height order in a straight line and using animal name to introduce yourself in a circle eg Ken the Koala Bear. The value of using sticks was then discussed such as adding wool and creating a journey stick. A good source of ideas is in The Stick Book by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks (2012) published by Francis Lincoln and also in the A to Z Forest School ideas. Julie outlined how sticks could be used to make a skeleton, as a non-standard measure, using sticks to estimate length area and perimeter and make right angles. We looked at the maths of holly leaves and the science of egg boxes Have a look at these photos for some inspiration yourself.

Processed with Moldiv

We finally completed a structured poem using the form
First lines See what I have found
Second line (Name of object)
Third line Adjective and/or descriptive phrase
Fourth line Say (where you have found it)
Fifth line (Make a comment or question about it)
Our efforts are below:

Our poems with help from the Oadby group
See what I have found
A ladybird upon the ground
The colour black with spots of red
It is heading towards its bed
Until Clare had squashed it dead

See what I have found
A pocket size healing stone
As hollow as a barren birds egg
Hiding beneath a dying yew tree
Isn’t this your stone?

See what I have found
Growing under a tree
A little golden face
Smiling up at me
With a blanket of friends where I would like to be

See what I have found growing on the ground
Begins with a ‘g’
It is green and long with a special property
Down in the meadow near the babbling brook
If you are musical take a second look

See what I have found
A pine corn
Small hard rough knobbly cone shaped
Under an old big tree
I wonder how old it is and how it got there

See what I have found in the woods today
A spiky brown thorn lying in my way
Dark brown long and thin
There on the path under my chin
Shall I pick it up or put it in the bin?

See what I have found
A discarded garment outgrown by an infant
Smooth soft straight
Below a high rise home
What is the owner wearing now?

See what I have found
A prickly pine cone
Pointy and brown
Lying on the ground
How many have you found?

See what I have found
A disgusting poo all dirty and smelly
It is crusty and matted
And found on my welly
I wonder how I will get it off?

Processed with Moldiv
26th March 2015 Y2s explore creativity in learning

Processed with Moldiv


From Skitch From Skitchy From Skitchr From Skitchc From Skitch From Skitccch


24th March 2015

Year 1s explore collage and apps to create art in PDT 1064.

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5th June 2014 Y1 group MK visit

The Yurt, Green Park

The Yurt, Green Park

On Thursday 5th June 2014 the Milton Keynes FDLT Y1 group went to Green Park, near Aylesbury, to explore the potential of outdoor learning. At Green Park the outdoor classroom is a yurt!

around the fire

around the fire

In the forest school the convention is to light a fire in the middle of the circle. No-one can walk through the circle of log seats around the fire – you must walk around the outside. This rule helps everyone be safe around the fire.

The fire is used for warmth and cooking.



maintaining the fire

maintaining the fire


natural collage

natural collage


When you are outside all the materials around can be collected and used to make collage and three dimensional structures. Here students made a skeleton – this could be a fun assessment challenge, how much better than a worksheet?



This summary of the learning from the day conveys the potential of going outside for inspiring and supporting learning.

a summary of the day!

a summary of the day!

Milton Keynes group, please email or comment additional thoughts and photos to go on this page, please.

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