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August 25, 2018
by Jean

Preparing to start your course: digital technology

As a student in higher education you will use digital technology to support you in your studies. We often use Google tools so it can be useful for you to have a gmail account. This is also useful as it can allow to log in to lots of other tools without using your personal email address. You can create a google account here

Some of the tools available are: 

Google docs 

Google slides

Google photos

Google maps

Google + communities 

Many of these Google tools can be used collaboratively so as a group, for example, you might all be contributing to writing onto a Google doc that you all then use afterwards so support your study. 

We also recommend that you use Google Scholar to search for reading materials, rather than using the usual Google search. This search will take you to more academic sources that are useful to you as a higher education student. You will then be able to access what you find freely using the university library resources.


As you find resources and reading online you will also need to devise a system of saving and organising links. This might be saving links to a word document, using the tools on your browser or using a bookmarking tool such as Pocket.

As a student with access to the University of Northampton library you will be able to save useful articles and books within your library account. you will be introduced to this in the early weeks of the course.

You might find it useful to have a go with saving favourites or setting up a bookmarking tool now if you haven’t done this before.