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July 27, 2018
by Jean

Preparing to start your course: venues and parking

We have two venues for study for the FDLT and BALT courses.

Waterside Campus, Northampton. The postal address is:

The University of Northampton
Waterside Campus, University Drive, Northampton, NN1 5PH

There‚Äôs lots of public car parks in close vicinity to campus and the sustainable travel routes are excellent, though there will be no parking on campus and no residential parking at our on campus halls aside from for those who hold a blue badge due to mobility issues. You can use the link above to explore travel options to Waterside.

Devonshire Place, Leicester. The postal address is:

Devonshire Place, 78 London Road, Leicester, LE2 0RA

There is parking available at Devonshire Place. You can access the car park via Prebend Street. 

If you have not been to your venue before you should try out the journey so that you are ready for the first visit in September.

July 25, 2018
by Jean

Preparing to start your course: start dates

FDLT Year 1 week beginning September 10th.

Tuesday September 11th UN group

Thursday September 13th Leicester group.

Please note that the first day of this course is taught at Waterside Campus, Northampton for both groups.


FDLT Year 2 week beginning September 17th

Monday September 17th UN group

Wednesday September 19th Leicester group


BA Learning and Teaching week beginning September 10th

Monday September 10th Leicester group

Wednesday September 12th UN group.

Please note that the first day of this course is taught at Waterside Campus, Northampton for both groups.

July 13, 2018
by Jean

Summer Reading Challenge

This year the Summer Reading Challenge is called Mischief Makers. You can sign up at your local library and read six books to meet the challenge.

At the summer reading challenge website you can explore suggested books, play games, take part in competitions and browse book recommendations. If you want to get involved as a school you can find details here. Volunteers aged 13 to 24 can get involved in supporting readers at their local library who are working on the challenge. 


This is a great opportunity to keep pupils reading over the summer break.




July 9, 2018
by Jean

Sport and literacy!

World Cup

If you want to use the World Cup to inspire learning the National Literacy Trust have shared some useful resources here. These include activities for primary aged pupils and families focusing on a daily world cup story and a writing competition. 

There are also some Football School resources available here.

The Literacy Shed has a World Cup Shed containing a number of short films and animations along with teaching ideas here.

WaterAid also have some World Cup teaching resources here.

Pobble also has an inspiring picture and story starter here.

Tour de France

There are some teaching resources to support interest in the Tour de France and cycling here.


Mack, R. (2018) The Great Game. [online] Available from: http://www.pobble365.com/the-great-game [Accessed: 09/07/18]


July 6, 2018
by Jean

Compassionate Class

Compassionate Class is a innovative new programme from the RSPCA that encourages children to develop compassion and empathy through the lens of animal welfare. You can read more about it here.