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The Educators – Daisy Chrisodoulou


On Wednesday September 3rd Sarah Montague interviewed Daisy Chrisodoulou on ‘The Educators’ on Radio 4. The programme is available on i-player and I will add it to Box of Broadcasts.

DCDaisy Chrisodoulou writes a blog that you access here:

The Wing to Heaven

She is currently the Research and Development Manager at ARK Schools in the UK.

The book that she discusses with Sarah Montague is:

Christodoulou, C. (2014) Seven Myths about Education. London: Routledge.

As with any writing in the field of education it is important that we think critically and evaluatively about what we read. Tom Sherington, on his blog Headteacherguru, has written a post about Christodoulou’s book that you can access here:

A Perspective on ‘Seven Myths’



What do you think about the views Christodoulou shared in the programme?

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