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#Nuture1314 is a hashtag on Twitter – you might have noticed it if follow anyone in the world of education.If you aren’t on Twitter you can put #Nuture1314 into a search engine and the blog posts that have made made in relation to this will come up for you to browse through – you can home in on some that interest you and read them. You can also find links to lots of them in this storify:  #Nuture1314 storify


So   teachers and educationalists who blog have reflected upon their 2013 and written about 13 achievements or successes.They’ve then looked ahead to 2014 and written about 14 thoughts, ideas or resolutions. Here are a few that you might find interesting – but there are many more.

The extract above comes from Rachel Jones’s blog ‘Create Innovate Explore’ and you can read her post here: My#Nuture1314

This is one written by Fiona Peters, who is a primary teaching Assistant: Fiona Peters

If you support children with special educational needs you might be interested in this one: Cherrylkd SEN Advocate

If you teach or support art you might be interested in this one: MrsJoBaker

If you find a blog or blog post that you think others would like to read let me know by commenting on this post, tweeting me @JeanEd70 or emailing me and I’ll post a link here.

If you want to have a go do share it with us on this blog or by tweeting a link to it on #Nuture1314.


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