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October 23, 2013
by Jean

2014 curriculum

You will all be aware that in 2014 there will be a new National Curriculum. Perhaps your school is already reading it and considering how to implement it.

You can find the new programmes of study for all subjects and key stages here – 2014 curriculum


There are some useful guides and resources on the Pearson website. These include guides to the English, Mathematics and Science curriculum where they main changes are summarised and some links to supporting resources are provided.

Subject associations are also considering the implications of the new curriculum requirements for their subjects. There is a list of links to these on NILE in the PDT 2008 Assessment / Assignment 1 folder.

As someone who works in education and is studying it at university you should make sure that you have read the new curriculum for your age group and subjects and make some comparisons between it and what is in place at your school at the moment. This will support you in your professional role as well as your academic work.

October 23, 2013
by Jean

Dylan Wiliam

Many academics who research and write about education share their work using Twitter, filmed lectures and their own websites. This can be useful for students as you can explore their views and insights in a variety of ways. An example of this is Dylan Wiliam, whose work you will have been learning about in the PDT 1004 Pupil Assessment sessions.

Dylan Wiliam’s website gives you access to some of his work. You can also follow him on Twitter @dylanwiliam. He regularly tweets links to interesting journal articles and pieces of research. Last week he tweeted a link that you may find useful. It takes you to a set of short videos he made exploring aspects of formative assessment – Journey to Excellence

Dylan Wiliam works at the Institute of Education and on his profile page on the website a list of some of his publications

You can also find some of his lectures and presentations on itunesU and an interview on teachers’ media. Finally Dylan Wiliam made two TV programmes called ‘The Classroom Experiment’. In these he implemented some of his ideas about formative assessment in a secondary school and the results were filmed. The views of children, teachers and parents and the effects on learning are interesting and worth exploring. These are available on YouTube and on Box of Broadcasts (BoB).


October 11, 2013
by Jean

Useful website

Yesterday while I was supporting the MK group I came across this website:

Highland Learning and Teaching Toolkit

If you look at Issue Papers on the right you will a number of interesting areas listed.

Each of these is introduced and explored with some recommendations of reading.

You might find some of these useful starting points when you begin to explore these areas of learning and teaching on the FDLT.