Mission Motorsport – Student Open Day

The Occupational Therapy students had an excellent time attending Mission Motorsports’ Open Day.

They had an opportunity to visit the headquarters of the charity and listen to a talk on the charity’s philosophy of “Race, Retrain and Recover”. The students were also given an overview of the occupational therapy team’s involvement so far and where and how the learning opportunities will develop over the coming months for them.

Some of the beneficiaries met the students during the day and told their stories of their involvement with the charity, so the students could hear first hand  the impact of the charity has.

Following the Open Day some of the students visited another unit with one of the beneficiaries to see how the Charity is expanding.

A flyer has been sent out offering Occupational Therapy intervention for the beneficiaries and a time table of availability has been given to the organization for us to start seeing and advising beneficiaries.

So what’s next:

20.02.17: Some of the OT students and I will be meeting a beneficiary to carry out an initial assessment.

Comments from the students about the day:

“Enjoyed learning about how they use vocational rehabilitation to support those they work with. It was also interesting to hear how they continuously evaluate their approach to improve the support they offer, much like the OT process.”

“Visiting Mission Motorsport was a really valuable experience, getting to see first hand what they offer and the positive impact it has had and continues to have on their guys. I was inspired by their passion and am even more eager to get involved”

“It was a great day out. We got to learn about the amazing work that Mission Motorsport do and how they are keen to work with occupational therapists and allowing students to get involved to get involved too. It was great to learn from the guys and see how the charity helps them. Also it was great spending time with my cohort and getting to know them better.”

“Loved having the opportunity to have an insiders peek to Mission Motorsport. They certainly know how to work at problem solving, which is a very exciting environment for an OT student. The trust and enthusiasm beneficiaries have for this charity is infectious and I can not wait to offer up some of my time”

” Awesome experience getting to see in depth what the charity does and understanding what training is offered and getting to look around the facilities”

“Really enjoyed meeting the team and building an understanding of what they do and am really excited to start working with the beneficiaries and seeing vocational rehab in action”

“Amazing time learning how diverse occupational therapy can be and how imported it is on the road to recovery for service personnel and ex service personnel “





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