Mission Motorsport Volunteering Underway – January 2017

  It has been an exciting couple of months for Occupational Therapy (OT) involvement with Mission Motorsport.

In November we had the Race of Remembrance where the OT team went to Angelsey to support beneficiaries, volunteers and staff. The event commemorates the sacrifices made by service personnel and their families. It consists 1,000km endurance race, night racing, a trackside service of Remembrance and commentary broadcast live around the world.

The Occupational Therapy Team were asked to provide a save haven for people to step away from what can be a very emotional experience for all those involved. With help from ROMPA (who make sensory equipment) we were able to create an area that was a calming zone and a listening ear. Other support included ergonomic advice, pain management strategies as well as practical advice on where to access support.

Comments from Beneficiaries and Organisers:

“A critical part of all future Mission Motorsport events. The presence of an OT team makes future engagement possible”

Representative from the charity

“the ability to escape an go to a safe area and feel welcome. to talk and off load my thoughts and worries, just have someone who can listen.”

“I can not thank the team enough for what they did for me, without them I would have gone home early.”

“The OT team have helped me a great deal with working with and through my anxiety.”


What’s Next?

Following and initial recruitment cycle we have nine Occupational Therapy students who have volunteered to be involved with the charity.

25.01.17 – A visit has been planned with one of the beneficiaries to look at their kitchen with the prospect of carrying out major adaptations, working with a Kitchen supplier. 2 OT students will be attending with qualified members of staff.

06.02.17 – An open day has been planned at Mission Motorsports to introduce the charity to the OT students and give some context to the charities aims for the beneficiaries and where they can help.


2 thoughts on “Mission Motorsport Volunteering Underway – January 2017

  1. Thank you so much for all you have done so far (and for all you hopefully will be able to continue to do) for our wounded, injured and sick people at Mission Motorsport. You have already made a huge difference to some people’s lives and it has been nothing short of inspirational to see “full spectrum OT” in action, and I believe students will be able to learn much by seeing their lecturers actually do the stuff we are learning about in a setting very different from (most of) their experiences on placement.

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