Right, getting organised…

We are three Senior Lecturers with a breadth of clinical experience across diverse fields of health and well being. Our volunteering of clinical skills in the 3 organisations Mission Motor Sport, Singing 4 Breathing and Kibworth Primary School is drawing on this pool of experience.

Debbie Hewson  is leading on the student input to Singing 4 Breathing and to date this term we have had student volunteers at almost every Wednesday meet in of the group. James Wyatt founder of the group recently commented that the input from Northampton Occupational Therapy students has been really supportive of the group. The students have helped during the sessions with helping hands for those with difficulty getting in/out of the group venue; set up/clearing the room up with chairs etc; adding to the warm welcome each week and ensuring the group members have all they need for the session. The added contribution of our students’ dulcet tones is the icing on the cake. The contributions this term have been mainly from our level 4 students in their very first term of the BSc Occupational Therapy. We are really proud to be welcoming such excellent students into our profession. we look forward to welcoming our Level 5 students back from their placements in the new year and hope they will find time in their busy schedules to volunteer some time to this inspirational group.

Anne Segalini is leading on the student input to Mission Motor Sport (MMS). A great deal of work has gone in to understanding the complex and frankly overwhelming challenges this organisation faces in enabling life through engagement in motorsport. To date we have had some top notch contributions from amongst the ranks of the MMS  ‘Broken Blokes’, as they like to call themselves. Students have really benefited from hearing about the experience of living with substantial and profoundly limiting disability. Plans are afoot to have students assisting with initial assessments on various dates in the spring term.  we are really looking forward to further collaboration with this dynamic organisation. Details  will follow.

I am leading on the student input to  Kibworth Primary School. I have been helping the PE staff to identify children who’s academic performance in Key Stage 1 may be being limited by challenges with their gross motor skills. Having identified an underlying theme of sensory processing for some we are now looking for students to help us trial a Sensory Circuit program to be delivered every day for a week. We have tentatively agreed this will take place in May after our students have completed their assessments and during SATS season. I now need to recruit students to man the bases on the sensory circuits between 9 and 10 each morning and get on with designing the circuits we will deliver. Thankfully I have had one of our masters students come forward with an interest in this area who is willing to help get the project going. I hope to begin recruitment next week with our level 4 students before they head out on placement after Christmas for a few weeks. 

So much to do and that’s not even considering the small matter of Christmas. 2017 looks set to be a year of great learning opportunities for us all…

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