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Welcome To Fashion Marketing & Promotion (Inc. Foundation Framework programme)

Before you arrive in September:

Supporting Your Success

Visit the University Supporting You webpages to find out more about all our teams. The core teams you should find out about include:

Make a note of those teams that you think will be particularly helpful. Discussing these with your Personal Tutor during your 1:1 meeting with them will help you make a good start to your academic year.

Read the Welcome Guide

Welcome Guide 2020-2021

Getting to Know You (Session 1)

Date: 17/8/2020

Time: 2-4pm


Pre-Work: Make a list of responses to the following questions.

1: Which groups and teams do I currently belong to?

2: Which groups or teams do I want to belong to at University?

3: What does it mean to you to go to University?

4:What three things will challenge you most about coming to university?


What the live session will cover:

1: Introduction to padlet, this is an online notice board. 

2: We will start with where in the world.

3: What and who is the Fashion Community? This is the community in which you want to make a career.

Introduction to Learning and Teaching on your Programme (Session 2)


Time: 2-4pm


Pre-Work: Please check out the hyperlinks below before the start of the session.

Your task: Take some time to familiarise yourself with How We Teach. This page provides an overview of how we personalise your learning to ensure that you get the best experience possible. We will use this page as the basis for our discussions in the live session, where we will explore what this looks like for your programme of study, and in line with the latest guidance around Covid-19. 

Please also click on the link to find out more about how we use digital technologies not only to support your studies, but also to prepare you for living and working in the modern world.

You need to bring to the session- three topics which are currently influencing fashion.

To do this you will need to do the following:

P- Identify the point,

E- Evidence – on what material have you based the above point? 

A- Analyse, what impact this point will have on the fashion industry


What the live session will cover:

1: We will create a new Padlet in this session. This will for the basis of our industry information board which will be placed on the course site.

2: It will be a repository of current information and changes within the world of fashion.

3: There will be information exchange, questions asked and answered.

Supporting Your Success (Session 3)


Date: 2/9/2020

Time: 2-4pm


Pre-Work: This pre-work should take you about half an hour. 

Your task: Visit the University Supporting You webpages to find out more about all our teams. The core teams you should find out about include: 

Make a note of those teams that you think will be particularly helpful. Discussing these with your Personal Tutor during your 1:1 meeting with them will help you make a good start to your academic year, although if you want to contact them earlier, their details are available online. 

What the live session will cover:

1: As a group we will review the support resources offered by UoN. See the links above.

2: We will look at a range of online resources which will be useful in helping you understand and become more informed about the current Fashion Industry.

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

Welcome to:

Fashion Marketing& Promotion.

During Welcome and Induction week you have timetabled sessions as well as the opportunity to have a one to one meeting with your Personal Tutor.

Should you have any questions email your Programme Leader:

Your Programme Leader

Iain Bromley

Iain Bromley

Fashion Marketing


Resources & Activities

What Can I do with my Fashion Marketing & Promotion degree?

Fashion United have a great page on current UK and International jobs – where do you think you would like to work?  

Prospects is a great site with sections on careers in    and   including Retail jobs



Reading Lists & Documents

What can I read now? 

Following your favourite brands & knowing about the current trends is great. Here are some links that will help you think more about the marketing and business side of fashion.  








A fashion marketing student at the University of Northampton has secured a once in a lifetime placement – at Ralph Lauren.

Alice Daish, second year BA Fashion Marketing student, fought off stiff competition to bag the one UK student placement the global fashion icon offers each year.

A fashion enthusiast, Alice admits that the year-long placement, which officially starts in July, is a dream come true.

Alice said: “I have always loved fashion, especially luxury fashion and when I found out I was successful in getting the placement I was ecstatic! I attend a lot of luxury fashion exhibitions and know the extent of the work that goes into making the garments and creating new collections each season.”

Read more: click here.

Alice Daish

Read more from our current and past students on our course blog

Changemaker – Local business visits



Preparing For Your First Year Of Study

Top five study tips from the Learning Development team!
How can I study successfully at the University of Northampton? Your top five tips from the Learning Development Team:
1. Be Prepared

Becoming a university student requires you to step up your independent learning skills. You need to be able to plan, research and write assignments on your own, which may be something you have not done before. Read through Palgrave's tips for Personal Effectiveness and Independent Study to learn more about the skills you will start to develop as a new undergraduate. 

2. Invest in a planner

Independent learning means that you are in control of your timetable and how you spend your time, so use your time wisely. You will be given times and locations of seminars, workshops and other sessions you have to attend as part of your course at the start. You will also need to allocate time for reading, researching and completing assignments, as well as for all your social activities: get a head start by watching our video What is time management?

3. Fine tune your voice

You might worry that you will not be able to write at the level expected of a university student. At the University of Northampton we take this into consideration and provide lots of support to help you. Go to our online support for academic writing for further guidance. 

4. Get into an argument

Writing critically and developing an argument for your essays and reports is a skill that you will develop throughout your first year of university. Review the guide on how to write more critically to help you understand the process to enhance your critical thinking

5. Know who can help you

Going to university is exciting but it can also be a challenge. We know that students may need a helping hand at any time during their studies, which is why we are here to help. You can book an appointment with a Learning Development tutor for help and guidance with study skills or academic writing, as well as support with maths and statistics. Find out more about the services on offer at the Learning Development page on Skills Hub. You can also find out more about other sources of 1-2-1 help - including our academic librarians - by going to our Study Support page.