BA Events Management (inc. Foundation Framework programme)

Welcome and Induction Week Monday 23rd – Friday 27th September


Welcome & Induction Week (WIW) Activities

Your WIW programme sessions will include:

2 Personal Tutor Sessions

1 Subject Session for Single Honour Students ( JH students will have 2 Subject Sessions because you are studying 2 subjects)

Any other activities arranged by the Programme team


The three important things you need to do now:

Make sure you have made arrangements to attend the Welcome and Induction Week.                       
Information will be emailed to you directly about the Welcome and Induction Week.                                            
Check your Welcome and Induction Week Timetable and make arrangements to attend the classes.

BA Events Management

BA Events Management (Foundation Framework)

Read the Welcome and Induction Week Guide containing a wealth of useful information.      
Click on here to open your Welcome Week Guide.                                                             


Welcome Video

Links & Documents

Your Programme Leader

Ivna Reic

Events Management


I look forward to meeting you during welcome and induction week. During welcome and induction week, we have designed a programme of events and activities designed to give you the very best start to your time here by introducing you to university life and help you to settle in quickly.  Please check your welcome and induction week timetable online to ensure you attend all of the sessions as this is your opportunity to meet your personal tutor, myself and your fellow course mates. Please note that you need to book your free place on our trip to Drayton Manor Theme Park on the Friday (places are limited). Book here:


Resources & Activities

Core texts available free online through our Library


  • Bowdin, G. Et all (2011). Events Management 3rd Edition.  Oxon. Butterworth-Heinemenn.

  • Getz, D. (2012). Event Studies – Theory, research and policy for planned events. 2nd Edition. Oxon. Butterworth-Heinemenn.

Atlanta Lloyd

Events Management undergraduate


A University of Northampton student has topped off a year’s industry placement by organising an event fit for a future king.

Events Management graduate Atlanta Lloyd took a year out of her studies to learn the industry ropes with Northamptonshire firm CJS Events.

One of her last jobs before returning to University for her final year of studies was to organise a policing conference which included Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, on its roster of guests.

“It was the perfect event to finish my placement with,” said Atlanta. “Having a royal visitor was an extra challenge for me. It meant I had to plan every minute of the event and spent time working with the Palace’s close protection team to make sure everything would go smoothly.”

Students on the Events Management course are encouraged to split their studies with a year’s work placement, and Atlanta feels the opportunity is perfect for those who want to get a head-start in their chosen career.

She said: “I’ve learnt so much on my placement. I’ve been responsible for planning and running events for between 120 and 320 delegates, across one, two and three days.”

“Sometimes I have been planning three events at the same time, so my organisation skills have been more or less perfected. I also remember when I started the placement my confidence wasn’t at its highest. But now I feel I can walk into a room, speak to anybody and take control of a situation.”

Atlanta’s contribution to CJS helped the company reach the finals of the 2017 UK Conference Awards, in the Best Conference by a Small Company category.

Atlanta has just graduated with a first class degree.

“The course has been fantastic,” she said. “The lecturers have given me so much support, and you learn so much from them because they all have an industry background – and they can also introduce you to so many industry contacts.”

“If anybody wants to consider a career in events, then I wouldn’t hesitate in telling them to come to Northampton.”

My course has allowed me to gain experience in my required field, and gain contacts in the industry.  I have done internships and volunteering work for music events such as Northampton Music Festival and Oxjam and also did a placement year in industry.

Dan Gardner

Changemaker – Local business visits

Saints Rugby Football Club Employer visit

Date: Friday 27th September

Time: 13:30 – 16:00 (lunch provided 13.50 – 14.20)

Location: Bus stop 18 at 13.30 (near the Sunley hotel)

Includes lunch and a drink as well as a rugby match ticket

You will be taken by the HR manager on:

  • On a tour of the facilities; Stadium tour, sports facilities and gym visit, commercial areas
  • Take part in a competition on pitch!  Hopefully with a player!
  • Understand the professional and graduate roles within the business
  • Receive a brief presentation in each area
  • Have the opportunity to Q&A

This is a great way to network with local providers in the sport, event management, corporate hospitality and the catering sector

This visit is open to anyone but it may interest you further if you are on the following courses:

Biosciences, Business Systems and Organisations Community Development Computing, Design & Photography, Events, Hospitality and Tourism, Health Care, Human Resource Management, Journalism, Media and Performance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Podiatry, Sports and Exercise.  

This is operated on a 1st come 1st served basis – Max 30

Direct link:

Barclaycard Employer visit

Date: Friday 27th September

Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Location: Bus stop 20 at 11.15 (near Sunley hotel)

Includes light refreshments

You will be taken by the Communication manager on:

A tour of the building
Talks from Senior Leader/ Site lead
Informal talks around recruitment/ what’s available on site
What it’s like to work for Barclay?
What mentoring is on offer

This is a great way to network with local providers in the finance and banking sector

This visit is open to anyone but it may interest you further if you are on the following courses:
Business Systems and organisations, Computing, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Human Resource Management, Law, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

This is operated on a 1st come 1st served basis – Max 30

Direct link:


 Albion Phipps Micro Brewery employer visit

Date: Wednesday 25th September

Time: 11.10 – 14:00 lunch included!

Location: UoN footbridge (by Learning Hub towards Beckets Park)

You will be taken by the owner on:

  • A tour of the micro-brewery
  • Receive a brief presentation
  • Have the opportunity to Q&A

This is a great way to network with a local provider in the hospitality, events and catering sectors

This visit is open to anyone but it may interest you further if you are on the following courses:

Events hospitality and Tourism, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Biosciences

This is operated on a 1st come 1st served basis – Max 30

Direct link:

Hilton Hotel employer visit

Date: Tuesday 24th September

Time: 11:30 – 13:30pm, Lunch included!

Location: Bus stop 20 (near the Sunley hotel)

This will include free transport to the Hilton Hotel J15 of the M1 (15 mins by UoN bus) where you will be taken by the General Manager of the Hotel on:

  • A tour of the hotel’s services and departments (e.g. HR, finance, recreation, marketing)
  • Receive a brief presentation
  • Have the opportunity to Q&A

This is a great way to network with a leader in the Hospitality, Marketing, Business, Leisure sector and potentially gain work experience/ part time job links

This visit is open to anyone but it may interest you further if you are on the following courses:

Events, Hospitality and Tourism, Business Systems and Organisations, Health and Care, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Sports and Exercise

This is operated on a 1st come 1st served basis – Max 30

Direct link:

Preparing For Your First Year Of Study

Top five study tips from the Learning Development team!
How can I study successfully at the University of Northampton? Your top five tips from the Learning Development Team:
1. Be Prepared

Becoming a university student requires you to step up your independent learning skills. You need to be able to plan, research and write assignments on your own, which may be something you have not done before. Read through Palgrave's tips for Personal Effectiveness and Independent Study to learn more about the skills you will start to develop as a new undergraduate. 

2. Invest in a planner

Independent learning means that you are in control of your timetable and how you spend your time, so use your time wisely. You will be given times and locations of seminars, workshops and other sessions you have to attend as part of your course at the start. You will also need to allocate time for reading, researching and completing assignments, as well as for all your social activities: get a head start by watching our video What is time management?

3. Fine tune your voice

You might worry that you will not be able to write at the level expected of a university student. At the University of Northampton we take this into consideration and provide lots of support to help you. Go to our online support for academic writing for further guidance. 

4. Get into an argument

Writing critically and developing an argument for your essays and reports is a skill that you will develop throughout your first year of university. Review the guide on how to write more critically to help you understand the process to enhance your critical thinking

5. Know who can help you

Going to university is exciting but it can also be a challenge. We know that students may need a helping hand at any time during their studies, which is why we are here to help. You can book an appointment with a Learning Development tutor for help and guidance with study skills or academic writing, as well as support with maths and statistics. Find out more about the services on offer at the Learning Development page on Skills Hub. You can also find out more about other sources of 1-2-1 help - including our academic librarians - by going to our Study Support page. 

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