Welcome To BSc Economics (Three Year and Foundation Framework programmes)

Welcome Week Monday 24th – Friday 28th September

Welcome Week is the start of your studies and university life. It is vital you attend Welcome Week as this will give you the best possible start to your studies in the Faculty of Business and Law and your university life generally. Your Welcome Week will include:

  • Freshers fair and an opportunity to learn about and join the huge variety of clubs and societies available to you
  • A wide range of social events organised by the student union
  • An opportunity to get to know the campus and facilities available to you
  • Workshops delivered by our Changemaker Team aimed at helping you get on the right track for your personal and career
  • Workshops helping you understand how to study at degree level and how to get the most out of your studies
  • Classes delivered by your programme leader introducing you to your chosen programme
  • A workshop on setting expectations designed to help you understand the roles of students, academics, professional and other staff at the university
  • An opportunity to meet and get to know your fellow students
  • An opportunity to have individual meeting with your personal tutor

The three important things you need to do now:

Make sure you have made arrangements to attend the Welcome Week.                       
Information will be emailed to you directly about the Welcome Week.                                            
Check your Welcome Week Timetable and make arrangements to attend the classes.

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BSc Economics (Foundation)

BSc Economics 

Welcome Video

Reading Lists & Documents

Your Programme Leader

Dr Eghosa Igudia

Dr Eghosa Igudia

Dr Eghosa Igudia

Programme Leader

Email: eghosa.igudia@northampton.ac.uk

* Competition Activity *

Can you make a five (5) minute video about the economic effects of a regeneration or a big investment or an event in your area?

Bring it with you to induction, and you shall be entered into a competition.

The winner will be given £100.00 in book vouchers.




Reading material and textbooks for ECN1019 – Maths & Data

Anderson, D.R., Sweeny, D.J., Williams, T.A. (2011) Statistics for Business & Economics, 11th edition, Andover: Cengage Learning

Barrow, M. (2013) Statistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies, 6th edition, Harlow: Financial Times Press

Berenson, M. L., Levine, D. M., Szabat, K.A. (2015) Basic Business Statistics:

Concepts and applications, 13th edition, Boston: Pearson

Lind, D. A., Marchal, W. G. and Wathen, S.A. (2013) Basic Statistics for Business & Economics, 8th edition, New York: McGraw Hill Irwin

McClave, J. T., Benson, P. G., Sincich, T. (2014) Statistics for Business and Economics, 12th Edition, Essex: Pearson

Newbold P., Carlson W.L. and Thorne B.M. (2013) Statistics for Business & Economics, 8th edition, Harlow: Pearson

Renshaw Geoff, Maths for Economics, 4th Edition (2016), Oxford University Press.

Wisniewski, M. (2009) Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers, 5th edition, Harlow: FT Prentice Hal

Reading list: The Economy ECN1018


Akerlof, G. A. and Shiller, R.J. (2009): Animal Spirits, Princeton University Press.

Recommended Reading

Atkinson B. and Johns S (2001):  Studying Economics, Palgrave.

Krugman, P. Wells, R. (2017) Economics, Worth.


ECN1006 – Economic Environment

*** Sloman and Garratt (2013), Essentials of Economics (6th Ed), FT Prentice Hall

*Begg, D., Vernasca, G., Fischer S. and R. Dornbusch, Economics (11th/10th Eds) McGraw Hill Education

*Mankiw, N.G. and M. Taylor (2014), Economics (3rd Ed), Cengagebrain

Academic Support Activity

Studying at the University of Northampton has allowed me to reach my full potential. The lecturers have diligently encouraged me to excel in my capabilities, whilst actively cultivating any flaws. I will truly leave the university a much enriched, confident and proficient individual

Tania Bhutta

Teachers’ are very responsive and offer the support whenever we need. We have the chance to travel that gives a different perspective to our opinion and helps to understand how theories work in real life.

Gheorghia Costandachi

Preparing For Your First Year Of Study

Top five study tips from the Learning Development team!
How can I study successfully at the University of Northampton? Your top five tips from the Learning Development Team:
1. Be Prepared

Becoming a university student requires you to step up your independent learning skills. You need to be able to plan, research and write assignments on your own, which may be something you have not done before. Read through Palgrave's tips for Personal Effectiveness and Independent Study to learn more about the skills you will start to develop as a new undergraduate. 

2. Invest in a planner

Independent learning means that you are in control of your timetable and how you spend your time, so use your time wisely. You will be given times and locations of seminars, workshops and other sessions you have to attend as part of your course at the start. You will also need to allocate time for reading, researching and completing assignments, as well as for all your social activities: get a head start by watching our video What is time management?

3. Fine tune your voice

You might worry that you will not be able to write at the level expected of a university student. At the University of Northampton we take this into consideration and provide lots of support to help you. Go to our online support for academic writing for further guidance. 

4. Get into an argument

Writing critically and developing an argument for your essays and reports is a skill that you will develop throughout your first year of university. Review the guide on how to write more critically to help you understand the process to enhance your critical thinking

5. Know who can help you

Going to university is exciting but it can also be a challenge. We know that students may need a helping hand at any time during their studies, which is why we are here to help. You can book an appointment with a Learning Development tutor for help and guidance with study skills or academic writing, as well as support with maths and statistics. Find out more about the services on offer at the Learning Development page on Skills Hub. You can also find out more about other sources of 1-2-1 help - including our academic librarians - by going to our Study Support page. 

Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Throughout your studies you will be using a VLE. At the University of Northampton we use Blackboard which we have named NILE.

Below is a link directly to our VLE homepage and a quick introductory video for you to watch.

Student Union


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