Hi guys,

Today in session 3 of ICT we learnt about animation, and had the opportunity of making our own!  It was fun session as we had the chance to explore different programs, and how to use them on the animation but the highlight of my Session was creating the video. For the video we used “MonkeyJam” to capture the images and “Movie Maker” to put it all together.  I worked with Jasmine Taylor, we first decided what animals we wanted to use and because i love elephants and Jasmine loves rabbits we had to have them in, haha! To say that we are 20+ we had a lot of fun doing this, how childish? NOT at all..

Did you enjoy? Your obviously thinking AMAZING. i know! haha..

Within schools, children will be able to have so much fun participating in this. The process of this is to take pictures and then upload it onto movie maker which is were you make the edits.It can be used across the curriculum for many different things- e.g. making a visual story for English. Animation is actually an incredibly inventions, it is used for many things from TV programmes to Blockbuster films! The children will be very proud that they have made it themselves and they will be able to post it to the world on youtube! Teachers who don’t have that much knowledge in ICT they will still be able to have a go, because it isn’t that hard to use. Topping it all off, its free to download so wont cost anything.

From research from the following website: I found that, there are four basic techniques used in animation. This website gives you more information on what each different animation covers. These are:

  • Drawn animation
  • Cut-out animation
  • Model animation or stop motion animation
  • Computer animation or computer generated imagery (also known as CGI)

Kent ICT, which i looked at in last weeks blogs has a section on their website on animation:, on the website gives you some more examples of animation. E.g. stickfigure, also known as pivot. Again is free and very easy to us, you simply have to move the stick and click frame. Once you have enough you are able to press play and let the animation begin! The image below shows this as an example.

Chow for now!