Comupting #2

In session 7, we were again able to look at computing. In this session i looked at a different game Kodu. This hyperlink shows you features to the game but also an overview of whole game. To get myself started with this game, i had to sit and watch the tutorials, which although quite boring these gave me the vital information and basic skills for the game.

The screenshots below, show some steps which i went through during exploring this game. The first print screen shows what i see when right clicking on my kodu, once clicking on program it takes you to print screen two, this is an example of the commands which i gave my Kodu, for example when bumping into a apple collect 1 point and when bumping into a coin collect 100 points. Similarly, on print screen 3 i have given some commands to the fish. The last screen shot and video below both show me playing the game!

If you want to check out another game, i suggest you check out jasmine blog! She loves this kinda of thing so it will obviously be good!

Two good videos on games with children, links are below: