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In the session today we looked into classroom applications, and how to link them to the curriculum. I got the opportunity to either use something we have looked at before either animation and smart boards or have a look and use a different source that we were introduced to at the start of the session. These websites are as follows: Storybird, StoryJumper and Animoto.

Storybird and storyjumper are both websites which are based on making your own stories. You can create your own electronic books. Storybird you are able to use the images to create your own story, adding captions to the different pictures. To get the pictures you select a ‘set’ of images as shown on the image below:

This is the simple website out of the two, the picture below shows an example from the website called: “Time Out” Storybird is more of a professional look whereas i personally think that storyjumper is less restrictive as you are able to create your own images.

Storyjump is very much more interactive, you are able to change and edit both the pictures and the fonts, you can even add your own face into the story! I’m sure children would love doing this. So theoretically you are creating your own story from starch. For our task, myself and jas made a sample story. We made this story on storyjumper. The story is called The Greedy Cap’n and His Mates:
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  1. Your blog makes a super read Fabi! The resources youve included really help to bring your ideas alive. Keep it up! 🙂

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