Hello world!

Hi, Welcome to my blog! i’m Fabi. This is my first time at blogging, don’t actually know what im doing! So please don’t judge me. Just quoting chris brown..I have a twitter account, and tweet about rubbish most of the time! I am currently studying at Northampton University, studying Primary Education specialising in Science. I love music, holidays and spending time with my friends! Here are some facts about me:

1- I have a weird obsession about keeping my shoes clean
2-I drive a red mini
3-I am from Blackpool, everyone says i talk weird!
4-I like Chris Brown and Trey Songz and many others
5-I am very outspoken

I have a GCSE & A-Level in ICT, my family call me the little computer geek! Even though I wouldn’t say I’m that good with technology. In these years we used many different programmes, I am interested when learning new programmes.  I have a Microsoft computer but I love apple as I have an iphone and an ipad! These both have purple cases ha!, I would say that my favourite colour is purple but I do like green. I went on my placement with Tom Knight, it was a good experience! Apart from our little fall out.. We are now friends again! Thank God. It was good to see him get involved in the swimming pool haha.

Hopefully, there will be some educational links and videos on my blog. Here is a photo of a beach i want to visit!

See you soon!

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