Session 4-our final session!

On the 19th March we held our final PALM session of the academic year. As the taught part of the academic term draws to a close the first year students are now well and truly in assessment mode, potentially working on several assignments at the same time.  

For this session we responded to feedback gathered from the mentees who had attended the previous sessions to re-run some of the previous activities they had found most useful;

  • The mentor who led session 3 returned to look again at using Blooms Taxonomy to break down learning outcomes,
  • the Learning Development team offered support on sentence structuring
  • and the tutor in attendance offered a ‘breaking down your assignment brief’ activity.

It was felt that further support with managing the stress of completing assignments would have been beneficial but unfortunately the mentor who had devised and run the buddying session so brilliantly was not available. 

Two first year students attended, they asked lots of questions and we looked in depth at a brief they are working on presently. Based on the mentees questions activity also developed beyond the planned activity. The mentor and staff in attendance also discussed issues of;

  • barriers to accessing learning,
  • approaches to research,
  • managing expectations
  • and attitudes to receiving feedback.

It was almost a supervision session in approach with the mentees reflecting on their first year at university with the mentor and tutors offering advice and support. Some of the information which has been shared with mentees across the sessions and in other orientating activities had perhaps not quite been fully absorbed on first sharing. Now with the experience of the year behind them they are able to start seeing the wider picture and know where and when to best access the required support.   

It generally felt live a very positive and lively session, it now feels like the whole project is all over too quickly.


The poster from the forth and final PALM session which was shared with first year students via the university VLE.