Session 3

On Tuesday 12th February we held the third mentor led session. The first years are now well embedded into university life and assignment requirements are on their minds. 

The session was titled ‘The beginners guide to assessment’ and focused on  navigating the assessment information available on:

  • the VLE system,
  • issues of plagiarism
  • and deciphering learning outcomes.

A second year mentor led the session, he has not been to any previous sessions but used powerpoint and the Kahoot quiz application to develop an insightful, informative and interactive session which offered some really useful tips and tricks. Despite his not having met the mentees before the work he had put together was tailored really well to meet their needs. He had drawn heavily from his own experience of completing assignments alongside engaging with recognised tools and resources such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and ‘Is this academic misconduct?’ activities from other universities. Nerves did show in his delivery of the materials but with only peer to peer presentation opportunities as his previous experience he did an excellent job and what a fantastic learning opportunity for him it was. 

Unfortunately we only had 1 mentee attend, which I think probably made the mentor feel even more nervous, as someone who has lots of experience presenting to groups I dread those sessions where for whatever reason you are only working with a very small group, bigger numbers definitely feel safer. The mentor carried on regardless and the others in the room, myself, the research assistant, first year personal tutor and a member of our learning development team took part in activities and offered comments during the workshop.

Each time we have had a session I have ramped up the level of marketing to try and engage as many first year students as we can. This time I specifically tried to highlight how beneficial the session will be to them in preparing for their latest assignment and encouraged them to bring along some learning outcomes they are currently working on so we could have a look at them. Generally I felt it was a real shame that the other first year students did not get to access the session as it would have been very helpful to them in their continued studies. As with previous sessions I am left thinking on how I can offer the mentor an additional opportunity to share their materials with a group as it seems such a shame for such a good session to have only been accessed by one student. 

The poster for session 3 shared with first year students via the university VLE.