Our first session!

Today was our first PALM session. The session was co-designed by the Year 1 Personal Tutor and a member of staff from Learning Development. The tasks explored:

  1. Referencing 
  2. Sentence structure
  3. Writing in paragraphs

These areas for development were chosen based on staff reflections of providing formative and summative feedback to Year 1 students so far this term. 

The session was delivered on a date when our first years were on campus for a taught session in the afternoon. However, despite advertising the event to students on NILE and in taught sessions only 3 students attended…. representing around 10% of our student cohort. While this number is low we saw this as a minor victory as it can be very difficult to get students to attend what they see as ‘optional’ sessions. 

The students that did attend were really positive about the activities on offer and were keen to take the materials provided home with them. All students stated in the end of session evaluation that they either strongly agreed or agreed that they had found the session informative, felt more confident with their study skills and that they received good support during the session. For future sessions it was noted that they would like more support with sentence structure and how to conduct research. Since the students had a positive experience we asked them to share this with others to try and promote attendance for future sessions. 

One of the student mentors attended the session and she worked really well with the group sharing her experiences as a student and offering constructive feedback on the tasks they were completing. 

The PALM project poster shared with first year students via the university VLE.


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