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Today was our last EVER ICT session as trainee teachers. The next time we’re involved in an ICT session we will be leading it or will be NQTs on a course. (Scary but so exciting!) It’s quite upsetting that I will never get to enjoy exploring different apps and creating quality resources with the lovely […]

Today’s session focused on the use of ICT across the curriculum, it’s important for people to see ICT as a subject that can support learning and not a stand alone subject. A good example of ICT forming a major part of linking the curriculum was ‘Bridgecraft:technology uniting the physical and digital worlds’ the whole school took […]

In this session we explored computing and it’s place in the Revised National Curriculum. In Key Stage 1 pupils are expected to: understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions create and debug simple programs  use logical reasoning to predict the […]

To explore our storytelling more we chose the app Tellegami to interview Batman about his experience saving the day. We took a picture of the Batman figure against a background- we chose a beach theme as Batman likes his identity to be hidden so we thought a secluded scene would be appropriate. At first we […]

Our final year began with a Monday morning ICT session, I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling particularly excited for all the hard work this year. However when I walked into the room and saw all the different technology and resources laid out it reminded how enjoyable seminars can be; particularly when we get to explore new […]

Show and Tell…

October 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

In this final ICT session each group showed and explained what they had been working on over the past two weeks. Everyone had clearly enjoyed what they’d done and the finished projects were brilliant. I particularly liked Sarah, Hayley and Hayley’s activities. They used PuppetPals too, doing a retelling of the book Hairy Mclary. I […]

I was excited to return to another ICT session, exploring the different apps was very enjoyable and I couldn’t wait to use more. As we finished our trailer in the previous session we decided to explore a different app to create a retelling of the story. We decided to use Puppet Pals, an app with […]

And we’re back…

September 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

We have begun year 2 with a bang. I found this ICT session to be the most enjoyable of the week, I think you’ll see why. Our new tutor Helen Caldwell, whom we’d already been introduced as a point of help last year started the session off with a discussion of different technologies used within […]

Unfortunately I was unwell and couldn’t attend this session. Upon discovering what the session involved I was very upset! The class got to explore games including the Nintendo Wii, DS, Playstation, Xbox, Rockband etc. which I had never thought would be something that could be used for educational purposes. I have had experience with all […]

In today’s session we were to make an ICT resource of our choice as a group. When discovering it was group work I was a little skeptical about how we’d get on with it. As we all know group work can often be a stressful and annoying tasks- more often than not there’s often a […]

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