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My Twitter Find…

October 31, 2014 | 3 Comments

On my personal twitter account I’ve recently started following GuardianTeach and TES in case I see anything relevant to my Research Project this year. I have found a few good articles for it but also discovered some interesting articles and ideas. I was scrolling through my feed today when a post from Guardian Teach titled ‘Inside […]

After a stressful term and a few weeks without lectures I am very excited to get into placement and put this new ICT knowledge into practice! As I was browsing my placement school’s website I discovered they used blogging as a tool for their classes. They blog about what the children have been doing and […]

Purple Mash

January 29, 2014 | 3 Comments

In the last session, because my group had finished earlier, we were able to explore the apps or purple mash in more detail. I chose to explore purple mash and have decided that this website, with it’s wealth of resources, deserved a blog post to itself. I’ll include a small sample of the activities because […]

We’ve had our last ICT session of our first year so I thought this would be an appropriate time to reflect. The sessions have introduced me to so many different tools and resources that can be used with a class- one that I particularly enjoy is the blog. This will not be my last post, […]

Forest Schools

April 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

For a Geography session we were lucky enough to be taken  to the Forest School that is onsite. Forest Schools are a great way to provide positive outdoor learning experiences for young children. In the outdoors they can feel free to be loud and use up all their energy. Pupils that are quieter can often […]

Tweet Tweet

April 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

In our first session we discussed the uses of twitter in the classroom and advised to set up our own twitter account. I already have one, and have had it for a few years. I decided I didn’t want my personal twitter I use in a  recreational  manner to be mixed with professional use. Therefore I […]

Unfortunately we didn’t have a session this week but we were told to blog about something that interests us. This left me wondering for a long time what I could possibly write about- I don’t particularly have any hobbies and was stuck for ideas of anything interesting. I work in M&S Coffee Shop at the […]

In the Art session we explored the uses of ICT in Art and it got me thinking about the things I could add to this blog and how cross curricular ICT truly is. We first explored using music to inspire creativity. A piece of music by Gustav Holst was played to us and we were […]

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