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Our final year began with a Monday morning ICT session, I’ll admit I wasn’t feeling particularly excited for all the hard work this year. However when I walked into the room and saw all the different technology and resources laid out it reminded how enjoyable seminars can be; particularly when we get to explore new apps and technology. The session started with a discussion about what our assignment would be for this module- I was pleased to hear it would be blogging again!

Then we delved into the wide world of story telling through technology. Story telling is an important tool in teaching and engaging young children, it can evoke their imagination and improve their confidence. This is why it’s so important to keep the methods of telling stories fresh, new and exciting for young children in order to keep them motivated. Technology is a great way to find new ways of telling stories because of the depth of options available.

We touched upon a handful of different programmes and apps including strip designer where you can create comic like strips which I believe would particularly appeal to young boys. Below is an example and this would link with a science topic too, technology like this can allow for cross-curricular links.







There were many technologies available to make an ebook including storyjumper, storybird, purple mash which are available on the web and 2Createastory which is available in the app store. One that looked really interesting to me was Tellagami, we watched a video with an avatar present. This looks very complicated but once set up it could easily be used with children as you just stand in front of a green screen and press record. You can do so many things with a green screen; interview characters, become characters, visit another country/town/planet…this can really let the children’s imaginations run wild!




Below is a quick example of tellegami I found by searching on youtube, there were lots to choose from.


We also explored the idea of linking technology to the real world. Whilst it is important for children to utilise technology they must also be confident exploring and using real life objects etc. We discussed how light boxes can be used with lots of different natural materials including sand, creating pictures from crafts and one I particularly thought was very good, using green shaving foam to create a sea of monsters. Much of the ideas can be found by clicking on this site.

I also really liked the idea of using ‘Little People Project’ and creating stories with them. Chris Dicken took pictures of scenes from far away and then went close up to allow the children to experience different points of view and create stories for these little people. Below is ‘The Great Wall’.

Great Wall 1b blog

In my pair we decided to take inspiration from this to create our story. We also used the web tool storyjumper to input our story and display it. Hayley and I chose some little people to use in our story, a man, a woman, a horse and batman. We then went out around the uni to find a suitable place to create our story. We decided near a tree would be good because it allowed people to effectively see the proportion of the people, seeing them from different perspectives. Our book can be viewed below- it’s not quite as creative as Dicken’s but we had fun creating it!

Book titled 'Citizens in Danger...'

We found story StoryJumper to be an incredibly easy tool to use, there are pictures next to each heading of what you would like to add which can be easily understood by younger children who may struggle with reading. You don’t have to add text to your story, a picture book can be created so it could be used to display children’s work.

This could easily be adapted for use in the classroom as you do not need an ipad to use it- just a computer. It’s easily transferable to use with other subjects. For CL+L/Literacy it can easily be used to consolidate beginning, middle and end of a story, increase their vocabulary by telling them they need to use 5 adjectives for examples. It’s also a good tool to support team work, you could give children particular jobs for example photographer, writer, organiser etc., this could induce feelings of pride when they see the finished product.

A post by carolb (2011) on 123ict states ‘Story Jumper is a great place to create and discover children’s stories. There is lots of help for teachers in the whole process of story writing and the website has some wonderful inspiring ideas to motivate all primary ages.’ After using it I would definitely agree that it’s incredibly easy to use and I would definitely take this into the classroom.

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  1.    Katie on October 26, 2014 5:57 pm      Reply

    I really enjoyed the Story Jumper that you and Hayley created; I liked how you used little people to tell a story. I think this would be a great approach to use in the classroom.

  2.    Emily on October 31, 2014 11:00 am      Reply

    We enjoyed making it! I think using figures the children are familiar with would bring more enthusiasm into creating it. Although Chris Dicken’s pictures are much better than ours!

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