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After a stressful term and a few weeks without lectures I am very excited to get into placement and put this new ICT knowledge into practice!

As I was browsing my placement school’s website I discovered they used blogging as a tool for their classes. They blog about what the children have been doing and have posted videos to support them. You can view the blog for my upcoming class here. This got me thinking about how accessible blogs are for use in schools and the positives in using them.

I found this mindmap on Sue Water’s Blog which you can visit by clicking on the picture, it nicely pinpoint the many advantages of having a blog.



We also recently had an Art Session where we were joined by a group of children and their class teacher from a local Primary School. It was a lovely session and reminded us all why we are working so hard. The teacher discussed with us about their art project and explained it was displayed and discussed on their class blog. She went on to show us the blog which was full of pictures for parents to see. She also told us she had a blog for each of the children that acted as their learning journey, parents could access it as and when they wished.

I thought this was a great idea as it can save teachers, who have a limited amount of time as it is, a lot of time! As you just take a few snaps of what they’ve done and upload them with a quick comment. There are also apps available you could use which allow you to add multiple pictures, headings and text surrounding them which you could just quickly add to the blog.

It’s also handy for parents to look at at their leisure as their lives can be very busy which can make it difficult for them to have long discussions with class teachers. This enables them to keep up-to-date with what their children are doing and how they’re progressing which can support them in supporting their children.

From an environmental point of view, it also saves a lot of paper and printing that’s required for hard copies! These can also be lost or damaged whereas, as discussed previously, once these are on the web, they’re there and accessible forever. It would be nice for children to look back at as they grow up and develop further.

Below is a lovely video I found which broadcasts year 6 children’s opinions of why they love blogging



I hope to be able to use my new ICT knowledge, where relevant, on this placement and will blog about any experiences!



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  1.    Sarah B on February 20, 2014 9:20 am      Reply

    Love this post about blogging! It is something that is definatley accesible to parents whenever they are free to catch up on what is happening in their child’s class. I know from a parents view how great this has been with my chilldren. My only worry is that by putting all this information on blogs, parents who have no internet access or are not very computer confident could potentially miss out.

    •    Emily on February 20, 2014 11:55 am      Reply

      Yeah this definitely is an issue to consider, it’s probably one of the very few disadvantages. You would have to find out whether all parents have access to the internet before deciding to go down this route.

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