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January 29, 2014 | 3 Comments

In the last session, because my group had finished earlier, we were able to explore the apps or purple mash in more detail. I chose to explore purple mash and have decided that this website, with it’s wealth of resources, deserved a blog post to itself. I’ll include a small sample of the activities because there are far too many to put onto here; we’d be here all day!

Click to visit the site yourself...

Click to visit the site yourself…

The site has a toolbar to help you navigate around the hundreds of available activities and resources including themes, creative tools and games. The themes section is separated into the individual subject areas and specific themes to make it easier to find what you want. There is also a section for the teacher which shows you how to utilise the site.


Lots of the areas contain writing activities, where others are more creative. I had particular fun on something called ‘mashcam’, where children can put a picture of themselves on some sort of figures body, they can either record themselves saying something about who they are or write about it. This would be good to use if the children are learning about a particular profession, famous person or time period. There’s a quick example below!

Click to go to the RoyalCam!

Click to go to the RoyalCam!

Children’s confidence and knowledge of storyboards can be improved by using the sites 2animate feature. You can create drawings with tools similar to paint and then slightly change something in your next scene, here’s an example of one I made when playing around with it.


Within the seaside theme, which is often explored in Early Years settings, there are many writing activities, postcards and painting activities. There is one where you can create your own fish which would link nicely with the story the Rainbow Fish. You can choose to have it so it doesn’t colour outside the lines or allow it so that it does. The children can type their name at the bottom and they can then print them off to have up on display, which you ¬†could create an aquarium from. There are other paint projects the children could complete so you could create a beach display. There’s an example of a fish I did below.

Click to create your own fish!

Click to create your own fish!


There is also a section on the site for games…what fun! (Educational Games of course) There’s a section on the games for teacher’s to click to find prompts they could use.

One game I found was based on a fruit and vegetable shop, you create it yourself first, adding the fruit and the prices. Then on the next part you select the fruit or vegetables you’re buying and put them in your trolley, it comes up with how many 1p coins would be used and adds it up for you at the side. In the next part you pay for your items using either 1p 2p or 5p coins. There’s an example of me playing it below. This could be used to support the use of a fruit and vegetable role play area. It will also support children’s knowledge of different fruits and vegetables.


In a nutshell, this is a great site to use if your school has access to it, it can allow teachers to link ICT into many of the curriculum areas and make for more interactive and enjoyable lessons. It’s also a good site for children to be able to access during free flow, they will be engaged with the interactivity and technology of it and also learn (sometimes with a little guidance)!






3 Comments so far

  1.    Sophie on February 19, 2014 9:02 pm      Reply

    I love the Purple Mash website. Have used this on a couple of occasions now while on School Experience and the children have really enjoyed it. Whatever area of the curriculum you are looking for, there is usually a great activity on this website to use.

    •    Emily on February 20, 2014 11:53 am      Reply

      I’m yet to use it but after seeing how accessible it is in this year’s sessions I’ll definitely consider it, will come to you if I need help!

  2.    Naz Fojdar on February 23, 2014 3:56 pm      Reply

    I too have discovered Purple Mash, it is packed full of educational resources, activities, educational games etc. Your blog highlighted the sites potential in the classroom, I will definitely be using this on my placement.

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