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October 15, 2013 | 1 Comment

In this final ICT session each group showed and explained what they had been working on over the past two weeks. Everyone had clearly enjoyed what they’d done and the finished projects were brilliant.

I particularly liked Sarah, Hayley and Hayley’s activities. They used PuppetPals too, doing a retelling of the book Hairy Mclary. I wasn’t familiar with the book prior to this so this also peaked my interest. What I liked was the use of Sarah’s son to tell the story, this gave the perspective of how it would work with young children. He did a great job reading and this would have aided his reading skills and understanding of the story. The movement of the cartoon dogs as the story went on was done well too. They also took pictures of the surrounding Northampton area to use in their activities which I thought incorporated Geography nicely into it.

Hairy Mclary Book used by the group.

Hairy Mclary Book used by the group.


A lot of the groups had opted for Puppet Pals or iMovie, this is unsurprising as they’re such fun and interesting apps!


We used PowerPoint to explain our choices and present our projects to the group. Alyson was absent for this session so myself and Katie just took it in turns to speak. The group appeared to enjoy our projects and had some positive feedback. The one issue that was raised was that our PuppetPals didn’t flow because of the advertisement picture popping up as each scene changed, we knew this was an issue and noted that we’d make sure to know how to use apps before diving in to use them! They also would have liked us to have had the book with us on the day of the presentation (my bad!) as they weren’t all familiar with the story.

You can view our powerpoint here- What-the-Ladybird-heard-Alyson-Emily-and-Katie-1kevlvl

Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint Presentation

These three sessions have caused me to consider buying an iPad. I’ve never considered myself to be much of a techwizard and I’m not particularly bothered by new gadgets coming out. I have an iPhone but I’m not one to read up about the updates and get excited about them, I just click update and discover the changes myself. I have a kindle, one of the oldest one, but I don’t care because it fulfills it’s purpose, I can read from it! However, these sessions have highlighted to me how beneficial using an iPad can be and just how many apps there are available.

This want was further consolidated when I read Mr William’s blog post about using iPads as a tool for observation. I enjoy interacting with children and hearing what they have to say but I must admit that I find observation to be quite a tedious task, particularly narrative and snapshot! The app mentioned here looks brilliant and much easier than sitting there with a stack of post-its scribbling unintelligible notes as the children talk at high speeds.  The app is called 2Simple Early Years.


Link to blog

Click to see blog


Here is a picture from the blog explaining how it works briefly!

Step by Step

Step by Step

If you download the full app there is an option to sync the data which means even if there’s a technology failure-as there so often is- your data will not be lost. You would have to ensure all devices were password protected and emails sent from it can also be password protected to prevent it being opened should it be sent to the wrong address.

Now I definitely want an iPad when I have my own class!

This use of iPads for observations links well with the fact that we will be teaching 21st Century children, used to using modern technologies and expecting to be engaged and interested as they are by these. This video sums it up nicely!

Although it is a scary thought, it’s very true that we must be the ones to keep up with the children, not the other way around! We must be up-to-date with what the children are interested in and playing with and utilise these in our lessons in order to engage and interest. Technology should not be something that’s shied away from within schools, it should be celebrated and welcomed.





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  1.    Hayley Elley on February 19, 2014 11:30 am      Reply

    I like the idea of the app that can help make observation a little bit easier, and be able to have them all stored in the same place! Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

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