Wanna Dance? Let’s Go With Scratch!

Scratch is an online programme devised for making scences that contain animations. It’s a wicked programme!! It allows you to make animations move as you wish! for example, a dragon breathing fire or a shark eating a fish! 

When I did this I chose to do a shark eating a fish, it took lots of time, but once done it worked well! I created an underwater background too, to fit in with the scene!

This would be good in schools as it does not take long to explain and once it has been explained, children can use alot of trial and improvement to create the perfect animation! They can also write a description to go with their animation. This allows them to enhance and use their writing skills!

This programme allows children to be creative an imaginative whilst putting their own spin on things! 



Story bird is a free website designed for making stories! I found it simple to use and very effective. Firstly, and account needs to be created, but you can do this as a school so all the children can use it. Then you choose the artwork you would like to use to create your story- anything from rabbits to aliens! You then make your story, combining words and art together! Children love it! There is also the opportunity to read others books, which can provide useful tools for teachers! I hope this is helpful, I have provided a link to the book I created using this website! Enjoy!


The Interactive Whiteboard; a Teachers Best Friend!

Interactive whiteboards are a teachers best friend! As a child, I used to wonder what the fascination was? Why my teacher used it so much….but now I know why! 

Teaching is a job that requires mammoth amounts of preparation. So, being able to transfer all your prep from laptop directly to the whiteboard is a dream, and is provided through interactive whiteboards- simply link your laptop to it and go!

They do, however, not always work accordingly and can, sometimes, crash for long periods of time! As well as this, they sometimes struggle to connect with your fingers, which can be especially frustrating for children if they trying  to use it. But these faults can be easily sorted if prepared for them to occasionally happen!

This new part of technology is a very effective way of teaching nowadays, providing a more interactive side to learning. Any mistakes made by either the teacher or a child, can be wiped immediately, so there is no need to worry! As they project from the laptop, they can be used to control anything on the laptop, from word to videos, music to maths!

Any school that does not already have this technology will do so soon!

Bones Game


This game was produced on Smart Notebook and looks at the correct terms for bones in the body.

Map of the world

Map of the world

Brilliant game to get children understanding the world map.

Hello world!


My name is Elle and I’m currently studying to be a primary school teacher at the University of Northampton.

I am 19 and in my first year.

In this blog I will post links and resources relating to primary education.