Draft of amended module plan following the research

Overview of revised module


# Pre-workshop tasks Face-to-face workshop tasks


Online workshop tasks Post-workshop tasks
1 Email the students to read the module guide. 2 hours

Activities 1.1 -1.7




Grammar Review Slice 1 (Nouns & adjectives)

  Personal Language History: your early years and first uses of language.



Grammar Review Slice 1(online tasks)


2 Chapter 5 in Thorne: ‘Some basic concepts’.  2 hours

Activities 2.1 -2.6




Grammar Review Slice 2 (verbs)

  Personal Language History: your first experiences of of variety and variation.



Grammar Review Slice 2 (online tasks)

3 Chapter 6: English a living language.   2 hours

Activities 3.1 -3.5




Grammar Review Slice 3 (Pronouns, etc)

  Personal Language History: think of at least one occasion when someone tried to influence your use of language


Grammar Review Slice 3 (online tasks)


Academic reading

Binary Opposition: http://www.englishbiz.co.uk/extras/binaryintro.html




4 Chapter 6: English a living language, pp 117 – 125 2 hours

Activities 4.1 -4.7



Grammar Review Slice 4 (Morphology).

  Personal Language History: You need to reflect on how World Englishes have impacted on you.


(No online grammar tasks)

5 To get ready for the first assessment: review the work we have done so far, and look at the ‘mock’ texts/materials in the ‘Assessment information’ folder 1 hour Scaffolding activity: Academic Writing  / Structuring an argument .


1 hour

Mock for assessment 1.


How to submit an online assessment.

Grammar Review Slice 5 (Function & Form)










You need to complete the first assessment.





Grammar Review Slice 5 (online tasks)


6 Chapter 8: Language variation, regional and social 1 hour

Activities 6.1 -6.5



Set up online task










Grammar Review Slice 6

(Clauses and Sentences)

1 hour

(taken from 6.4)

Small group online exploration task: regional voices http://www.bl.uk/learning/langlit/sounds/regional-voices/



Personal Language History: You need to describe some features of a regional accent/dialect you are familiar with












Grammar Review Slice 6




Academic reading: Sociolinguistic Research

The following link will take you to a brief article concerning sociolinguistic research.


7 Chapter 9: Child Language – Learning to Talk. 1 hour

Activities B1, B2, B3


Set up online task

Grammar Review Slice 7 (Mood and Cohesion)


1 hour


Small group online task:

video jigsaw task around Horizon, ‘Children learning to talk’ – bring presentations to next week’s workshop

Personal Language History: You should reflect about the first examples of reading that you can remember.




(No online grammar tasks)


Academic reading: You should look at the following article about the importance of literacy practices involving parents reading with children. http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/assets/0000/2038/Why_families_matter.pdf


8 Chapter 10: Spoken English. 2 hours

 ‘Children learning to talk’ presentations.

Activities B7, B8, B9

  Personal Language History: how does swearing relate to you?
9   2 hours

Activities B11 – B14,

  Personal Language History: Prefabricated lexical phrases & speech acts
10 Chapter 11: The language of Newspapers 2 hours

Activities 11.1 -11.8


  Personal Language History: experiences of attempting to learn a foreign language at secondary school
11 Re-read Chapter 1. Module review   Review all the ’60 second sound bites’. (See previous week 14)
12 Chapter 12: The language of Advertising. (pp 293 – 309)  2 hours

Activities 12.1 -12.7


  Personal Language History: reflect on your own rhetorical skills: how persuasive are you?


Academic reading: You should look at the following article about why people swear: https://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2009/03/30/why-do-we-swear/


13 Chapter 13: the language of literature. also Chapter 3: Style.  1 hour

Activities 13.1 -13.4


Set up online task


1 hour



Small group online task: Reworked Activity 13.5/13.6 Group writing.

Personal Language History: What have been your experiences as a creative writer.
14 Subject Futures Week      
15 Chapter 15: the language of law 2 hours

Go through the group writing passages.

Activities 15.1 -15.2



16 To get ready for the second assessment: review the work we have done so far, and look at the ‘mock’ texts/materials in the ‘Assessment information’ folder 2 hours

Scaffolding activity: Critical thinking & synthesis of ideas

(see Claire)



You need to complete the second assessment.


17 Chapter 16: the language of religion 2 hours

Activities 17.1 -17.2

Set up ‘Language of broadcasting’ online tasks


18 Chapter 18: the language of broadcasting.   2 hours

‘Language of broadcasting’ online tasks

(Reworked Tasks from 19)

19 Chapter 17: the language of politics 2 hours

Activities 18.1 -18.7


  You might want to take this interactive quiz:


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