Q&A with Chris Ringrose

In 2010 Chris Ringrose, then of the University of Northampton, now of Monash University Melbourne, you wrote the introduction to a HEA Subject Centre ‘Online discussion in English Studies: good practice guide*’.  I asked him the following questions (arising from his 2010 introduction) to see if his ideas around this form of delivery have changed. Q 1: You mention the possible use of a ‘pre-module discussion board to break the ice.’ Would you recommend trying this for a first year BA module; i.e. to try to get the students engaged before they have actually meet their classmates face-to-face? It was … Continue reading Q&A with Chris Ringrose

Thinking Aloud/Allowed

  Thinking Aloud/Allowed This paper attempts to connect a research project, concerning the development of blended learning activities for a first-year module on linguistics, to suitable theoretical frameworks of dealing with change, in particular change within Higher Education. Such musing is a necessary stage of researching, a kind of thinking aloud, and is not intended to be thought of as a finished piece. The innovation in question was a response to an institution-wide strategy which required staff to ‘redesign modules and programmes and reconceptualise learning and teaching practices in order to deliver an effective, tailored, learning experience through a blended … Continue reading Thinking Aloud/Allowed

Anthony’s description of the research approach

Experimenting with Blended Learning in ECW: From Participant Recruitment to Research Methods – Experiences of the Postgraduate Researcher   Below is a description which details the process I undertook through the recruitment, registration and research methods stages of the project.  I explicate the process, explaining how each decision relating to these areas were made, and explain the justification for my selected methods and approaches. RECRUITMENT step one At the start of the project recruitment process, it needed to be advertised in order for possible participants to apply. The module tutors for the LIT1035 English Language and Creativity module mentioned the … Continue reading Anthony’s description of the research approach