About DLAB

What is DLAB2 (a short slide show to introduce the project to children)

Over three years we will be adopting three types of ‘learning across boundaries’ challenges:

  1. Crossing physical boundaries (what my body can do): learning through physical experiences (skills). 
  2. Crossing personal boundaries (my aspirations and confidence): learning through performance, public speaking, or gaining new skills (attitudes). 
  3. Crossing environmental boundaries (changes to where I am in space): learning taking place in unusual or different places (knowledge). 

DLAB2 is inspired by the changemaker movement, which seeks to build the skills and attributes for individuals to find innovative solutions to society’s challenges. 

Two related key themes are developing changemakers and social innovation education

Another theme is the use of innovative digital learning environments including virtual and artificial reality technologies to blend physical and digital learning environments and provide powerful opportunities for international collaboration. 

The project brings together two aspects of the maker movement: digital making and change making​.


  1. Create playful learning environments that encourage creativity, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship facilitated by technologies. 
  2. Enable all of our participants to develop the personal confidence, values, beliefs and skills needed to become digitally literate changemakers
  3. Develop a toolkit for sustaining social innovation education and building changemaker attributes based on evidence from the project activities. 

What is a changemaker?


  • act upon opportunities and transform them into value for others
  • want to look after the Earth, the arts and their communities
  • are driven by partnering with others, getting creative and developing solutions
  • are comfortable out of their comfort zone and understand the value in being proactiv